Villa Iolas, A Journey Through Time and Space (2017)
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Plot: Villa Iolas , the 1700sq m. house of he world famous art dealer and collector Alexander Iolas, once filled with important pieces of Art, stands today abandoned and decayed in a quiet suburb of Athens. Through the stories and the rare archive of his niece Lena Koutsoudi – Iolas and her husband Guy Nathan, history unfolds and the rooms of the Villa are brought to life for the first time since 1987.

“Villa Iolas, a Journey through Time and Space”

Duration: 60mins

Genre: Historical Documentray


Directed by Thanos Angelis

Written by Thanos Angelis and Manolis Oikonomou

DOP: Alexandros Karaiskos

Music by John Konsolakis

Production Company: Angelis Films Ltd © 2017


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Thanos Angelis

Thanos Angelis was born in Athens/ Greece. He studied Communication and Mass Media at the Kapodistrian Univercity of Athens. He has stufdied 8 years of painting at the “Ergodidaskalion” of Eirini Koutridou and since 2007 he works as a director and producer.

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Manolis Oikonomou

Manolis Oikonomou was born in Athens/ Greece. He studied architecture and design. From 2010-2017 he worked as a chief editor at the architectural online magazine Today he works as an architect and editor in various magazines and blogs.


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Alexandros Karaiskos

Alexandros Karaiskos was born in Kozani/Greece.He studied photography and cinema and works as a Director of Photography and Photographer.

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John Konsolakis

John Konsolakis was born in Athens/Greece.He studies music composition in Scotland. He composes and produces music for concert, film and media.He has earned several awards worldwide.