Angelis Films Limited
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Angelis Films Ltd. is a film and video Production Company created by the director and producer Thanos Angelis.

The company has a wide range of collaborators and specializes in the production (pre and post) of tv and internet commerials, music videos, films and documentaries such as shooting of live concerts,fairs and various events and shows.

Angelis Films has a permanent collaboration with distinguished companies such as Make a Wish Greece, Cana Pharma Laboratories, Moraitis School Alumni Club etc.


Thanos Angelis is a Greek-Cypriot Director,Producer and Editor. He studied Communication and Mass Media at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has studied painting for 8 years at the “Ergodidaskalion” of Eirini Koutridou and since 2007 has worked in various fields of filmmaking. 


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